Historic racing at Brands Hatch with the HRDC

A two day weekend for us at Brands Hatch with HRDC Allstars on Saturday 6th July and HRDC Touring Greats on Sunday 7th. Aston Martin owners club were celebrating the centenary of the marque with a host of races featuring a range of Astons from across the decades along with other marques. Ian Burford was first out in Lumbertubs in the Allstars race on the Indy circuit with the Grand Prix circuit being reserved for Sundays Touring Greats race. Sunday was a busy day. We had the usual suspect Dave Griffiths and James Turner with the Standard Vanguard and Ford Zodiac along with Victoria Beever in her Rover 105S, Guy Harman in is Fiat 1500 and John Paige who hired our MG1100. With qualifying at midday and the race at 6pm we managed to catch a bit of Andy Murray’s Wimbledon final in between. The race went well with James Turner right up the front in a constant battle for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th with 1st place Niel Brown 23 seconds ahead in his A35. James finished 5th overall. Dave was having a cracking race up to 11th from 18th with a great start until a broken stub axle brought it to an end. Guy, Victoria and John all finished well and all enjoyed a rare opportunity to use the full Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit. Next stop Donington for HRDC Allstars on September 1st and Snetterton for HRDC Touring Greats on September 28th.

HRDC Brands Hatch 2 HRDC Brands Hatch MG1100 HRDC Brands Hatch Victoria Beever Rover 105 HRDC Brands Hatch