Vanguard gets a new heart

Over the winter Graham’s been building a new engine for Dave Griffith’s Standard Vanguard. At nearly 2.5 litres, with steel crank, steel rods, a 320 degree cam, a brand new gas flowed and ported cylinder head, a ported intake manifold and fully modified twin 2″ SU carbs. This should be a significant improvement over the old engine. Can’t wait to see what it does when we get it on the rollers.

New engine for Standard VanguardNew engine for Standard Vanguard 2New engine for Standard Vanguard 3Vanguard race prep at CCK

2 Replies to “Vanguard gets a new heart”

  1. I have been interested in the development of this Vanguard. I have a 1961 Vanguard 6 that I have been running on the track for a couple of years. The car is still in a progressive build stage – the main focus on handling and braking. Any sharing of spring height or rates would be appreciated. As far as I’m aware no one else here in Australia races a Vanguard.
    Cheers John

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