Rob Wainwright wins class at Croft with our Quaife Midget dog box

A couple of weeks ago we built a Quaife dog engagement gearbox for Pete Wright’s Austin A40. The car is now driven and prepared by Rob Wainwright of Gerry Wainwright Motorsport. Last week Rob won his class at the HSCC meeting at Croft.

“Just a quickie to say thanks for sorting the Quaife innards for my A40 gearbox. Don’t know whether Rob’s been in touch but the whole affair was quite successful, Rob winning the class on Sunday at Croft.” – Pete Wright

Volvo M40 straight cut close ratio gearboxes & Quaife gear sets

We are now offering a complete Volvo M40 straight cut close ratio gearbox as well as the Quaife gear sets on their own. A complete 4 speed synchromesh gear kit with straight cut gears for minimal power loss, closer ratios for maximum performance and needle roller bearing support for mainshaft gears.  Retains standard mainshaft. Fits late M40 gearboxes with the larger countershaft diameter of 18.3mm. These gear sets are manufactured for us exclusively by Quaife.

To order a complete gearbox in stock now click here.

To order a gear kit in stock now click here.

IMG_6312 IMG_6313 IMG_6314 volco straight cut gears