NEW: WOSPerformance Competition Starter Motors and Alternators for Classic Mini

Classic Mini competition alternator

Introducing a new range of high performance starter motors and alternators from WOSPerformance for your classic Mini competition and road cars.

The all new compact, high torque starter motor is based on OE Denso internals. It features anti-vibration washers and a re-wound uprated solenoid. Additionally, it has a supported motor assembly to combat any vibration issues and is built to withstand the rigours of motorsport. Two models are available (difference in pinion gear) to suit inertia and pre-engage type flywheels. From Mk1 all the way through to A+ injection engines.

The new range of alternators feature CNC machined billet aluminium housings. The OE Denso internals have been uprated and anchored in place to withstand harmonic vibrations. The RACE and FIA versions are a lightweight compact replacement for the Lucas ACR. Both are available in 50amp and 90amp. Additionally, we also have a slightly bigger RALLY version. It has a weather proof connector and is available in 95amp and 175amp. Both come standard with a high-sided, hard-anodised pulley to help prevent the fan belt from turning over.

Also from WOSP is a new lightweight, high-sided aluminium water pump pulley. It has also been designed to eliminate the fan belt turning over or being thrown off.

If you want the very best for your classic Mini road, race or rally car then look no further than WOSPerformance. Available now through CCK Historic.

Ginetta G4 lower wishbones – Available to order

Ginetta G4 lower wishbones

We can now supply Ginetta G4 lower wishbones. Due to the current lack of supply in the market we decided to take matters into our hands. We have produced a jig from which we can make new lower wishbones. We have simplified the design slightly and increased the wishbone’s strength.

The first pair of our new G4 lower wishbones is destined for Ian Burford’s 1965 example. Ian races regularly with the HSCC in the Historic Road Sports grid.

If you require a pair of Ginetta G4 lower wishbones we can make them to order. Additionally, if you have any questions please contact us by email or telephone to make an enquiry.

BOOK – ‘How to Prepare a Historic Racing Mini’ – Christmas gift idea.

The perfect Christmas gift. Get a copy of our book ‘How to Prepare a Historic Racing Mini’. A couple of years ago we started writing a book. With help from Chris Harper and MiniSport, as well as other suppliers, we built our own FIA Mini Cooper S to illustrate. The aim of the book was to unpick the various regulations and provide the enthusiast an understanding of how to build a historic racing Mini. Find it in our online shop here.

Ever since its launch in 1959 the original Mini has been a stalwart of the motor racing scene. Even today, there is a bewildering array of formulae that it can compete in. This book explains how to prepare a historic mini to the original pre-1966 Appendix K standard, which provides the racer with the largest choice of national and international events to compete in.

The contents include: 

  • Regulations – understanding the FIA’s Appendix K
  • Sourcing a suitable car
  • Every aspect of preparation including, body, safety, engine, transmission, electrics and ancillaries
  • Setting up and race preparation
  • Testing and racing


Rob Wainwright wins class at Croft with our Quaife Midget dog box

A couple of weeks ago we built a Quaife dog engagement gearbox for Pete Wright’s Austin A40. The car is now driven and prepared by Rob Wainwright of Gerry Wainwright Motorsport. Last week Rob won his class at the HSCC meeting at Croft.

“Just a quickie to say thanks for sorting the Quaife innards for my A40 gearbox. Don’t know whether Rob’s been in touch but the whole affair was quite successful, Rob winning the class on Sunday at Croft.” – Pete Wright