BMW 3.0 CSL road car stripped for restoration

This week we have begun to strip an original BMW 3.0 CSL for restoration. Although the car is complete and relatively straight it has suffered at the hands of rust. Once the car is apart we will better be able to assess the situation.

BMW 3.0 CSL restoration BMW 3.0 CSL restoration 2

Classic BMW Specialist

Over the years CCK Historic have developed a great deal of experience working with and restoring classic BMWs. After a number of years building and preparing BMW CSL Batmobiles the secrets of the bat cave have been unleashed. Our 6 cylinder engines were 15bhp up on the rolling road compared to some well known competition. We have experience building M10 4 cylinder engines for 2002’s as well as Chevron B8 race cars. Tuning weber carbs is one of our specialties as well as kugelfisher and slide throttle fuel injection and our body shop is fully prepared to restore and paint your bavarian shell. Whether it is a road car or a race car we have the expertise.

bmw csl