Lenham Le Mans rollcages now available

Now available from CCK! Roll cages for your Lenham. Made in house to meet MSA regulations. Lenham Le Man and GT. We can also take custom orders if you have any special requirements. Standard cage is 6 point bolt-in with removable door bars and fixed diagonal. For an additional cost we can also paint your cage to match your car.

Lenham MG roll cageLenham MG roll cage 2Lenham MG roll cage 4Lenham MG roll cage 3

ROLL CAGES – Custom made in house by CCK Historic

We are very pleased to announce a brand new service to CCK Historic. With the recent purchase of some specialist tube bending apparatus we are now able to offer complete custom roll cage manufacturing in house. Whether it is a simple roll over bar or hoop, a full 6 point MSA roll cage or something more complex we now have the facilities to meet those needs. Given our position in historic motorsport, where many older cars are not catered for with off the self products, this new service will only further our strength in a competitive industry. If you are thinking of racing something more unusual than a classic Mini Cooper, such as a Mk1 Turner or a Studebaker Hawk, or you just want to add door bars or a diagonal to your existing cage you now know where to come.

Custom roll cage in Mk1 TurnerCustom roll cage for historic race carscustom roll cages from CCK HistoricCustom diagonal fitted to existing roll cage in a Fiat 1500

Turner’s Turner gets full race prep

Now the Mk1 Turner has been painted and put back together it is receiving a full race preparation including a custom built full roll cage, built in house by CCK, extinguisher system, tow straps, new racing harness and Dunlop racing tyres. An oil catch tank will be fitted as well as a dry cell racing battery, racing brake fluid. A new set of leather bucket seats are on there way as is the A35 sourced wiper mechanism. Although this car is only powered by a 1000cc engine it is very light. I am looking forward to seeing how it performs.

Turner race prep 2Turner race prep 3Turner race prep 4Turner race prep