’68 Porsche 911 and Datsun 240Z tuned

Two six cylinder sports cars from opposite sides of the world. The western iteration with six air cooled opposing cylinders in the back and the Eastern variety with six in a row in the front. Both breathing through Italian carburettors.

1968-porsche-911-webers-rolling-road-tune datsun-240z-rolling-road-tune 1968-porsche-911-engine-weber-carbs datsun-240z-engine-weber-carbs

Early Porsche 911 rolling road

Early short wheel base Porsche 911’s are stunning. This one is nearing the end of it’s restoration and looks splendid. Owner Carl Venus has had some trouble with the carburettors since they were rebuilt some months ago. With some new idle mixture screws we were able to setup up and balance the carbs before sorting out the top end.

1968 porsche 911 engine bay 1968 porsche 911 fuchs 1968 porsche 911 rolling road 1968 porsche 911