Immaculate Datsun 240Z on the rollers

Loving the lime green on this immaculate Datsun 240Z. It barely ran when it came in but a little work on the Hitachi carbs had it running quite well. Unfortunately we were prevented from doing some top end running due to a dragging clutch. It is due to come back in once the clutch is sorted.

datsun-240z-rolling-road-tune-engine-bay datsun-240z-rolling-road-tune

Tidy VW Beetle 2100cc 131bhp

This VW Beetle has been put together beautifully. The attention to detail is superb and it goes quite well too with a respectable 131bhp from a 2100cc engine.

VW Beetle rear window 2 VW Beetle rear window

Brand new MAHA rolling road delivered today

Our brand new MAHA rolling road has been delivered this morning and is currently being installed. The new single roller machine will handle up to 750bhp without wheel spin. The machine adjusts for the environmental conditions as well as measuring the transmission losses on the run down. The new digital software is as precise and accurate as they come and will provide a detailed print out for every customer.

MAHA rolling road CCK Historic East Sussex MAHA rolling road CCK Historic East Sussex 2 MAHA rolling road CCK Historic East Sussex 3 MAHA rolling road CCK Historic East Sussex 4