Brand new MAHA rolling road delivered today

Our brand new MAHA rolling road has been delivered this morning and is currently being installed. The new single roller machine will handle up to 750bhp without wheel spin. The machine adjusts for the environmental conditions as well as measuring the transmission losses on the run down. The new digital software is as precise and accurate as they come and will provide a detailed print out for every customer.

MAHA rolling road CCK Historic East Sussex MAHA rolling road CCK Historic East Sussex 2 MAHA rolling road CCK Historic East Sussex 3 MAHA rolling road CCK Historic East Sussex 4

Alvis TE21 on the rolling road

Less common but luxurious nonetheless. This straight six powered Alvis has been pinking under load. We found the mixture to be very weak so we filed the needles to richen it up. Next job is to replace the front suspension bushes with polyurethane.

Alvis TE21 rolling road tuning Alvis TE21 SU needle filed

Two large. Jaguar and Daimler 420 tuning

We have had a couple of big ones in for tuning. The first was a Daimler 420 Limousine. The carbs needed balancing and setting up. The second was a Jaguar 420 that is being prepared for racing. A tight squeeze in our dyno room.

Daimler 420 tuning Jaguar 420 rolling road tuning

Paul Godfrey Alpine A110 tuned for Spa

Paul Godfrey’s Alpine A110 has recently received a new 1440cc engine. The Weber carbs had been swapped from a 1600cc engine and needed setting up. The carbs were balanced and idle mixture and speed set before running up on the rolling road. Only a new set of spark plugs was needed and everything is now running beautifully ahead of his race at Spa.

Paul Godfrey Alpine A110 Paul Godfrey Alpine A110 2