2011 Winter Challenge Send Off

A great cup of tea was provided by the Lenham Cafe as we sent off the crews of the 2011 Winter Challenge. They are retracing the path of the original Monte-Carlo Rally and will be driving some of the worst winter roads the Alps have to offer. An excellent variety of cars are competing including a Volvo PV544, a pair of Lotus Elans, a few Volvo Amazons, a couple of Mercs, a Ford Anglia, some Alfas and a Lancia Fulvia. There was a Triumph TR3 and TR4, a works Landcrab with a 3 man crew, a Lenham Sprite, a mk1 mini, an Alvis, and a mk1 Escort to name but a few. I am sure everyone involved will enjoy it immensely if not for the cold. Good luck.

winter challengeTR3Mercedes Rallylandcrab

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