Mini Cooper 1275 rally engine build

Classic Mini rally engine build

Every competition car needs a competition engine so we set about building this 1275cc Mini engine into a Mini rally engine. First, we stripped it down to inspect and measure it. The block and cylinder head were then chemically cleaned. The cylinder head was pressure tested before being ported and modified according to the FIA Group A homologation. It received bronze valve guides and stainless steel competition valves at the correct size. Lastly the head was skimmed to bring the compression ratio up.

The engine block was rebored by +0.020″ to 1293cc. The maximum capacity for the Group A homologation. The crankshaft was ground and the centre main cap was machined for s strap. All gallery plugs were drilled and tapped for threaded plugs and core plug retainers were fitted. The rotating assembly was balanced before we began assembly. We chose to use an SW10 camshaft with duplex vernier timing gears. Additionally, we chose to use ARP bolts and studs throughout the build. Most of the parts were supplied by Mini Sport.

The gearbox was rebuilt with straight cut close ratio gears. We also installed a limited slip differential and 3.9:1 final drive. The engine was mated to the gearbox and a set of straight cut drop gears were fitted.

When this Mini rally engine build is complete we will install it in the car with the original SPI inlet manifold and throttle body and an aftermarket ECU to get the tuning spot on.

1380cc race engine build

1380cc race engine build

One of the engines we’ve been working on this winter is this 1380cc race engine build for an MG Midget. Last season the owners previous engine failed, somewhat catastrophically. With a new block sourced we built up a new motor using some of their existing components including their already race modified cylinder head.

We carried out the offset boring to 1380cc at our in-house machine shop, Southern Rebore Services. Piston are light weight slipper type and the con rods are billet steel. The rotating assembly was fully balanced prior to assembly. Next, we installed a Swiftune camshaft and vernier timing gear. The cylinder head was rebuilt and fitted along with a set of 1.5:1 roller tip rockers. Once this 1380cc race engine is installed we will get the car on the rolling road.

Race engine build for TVR Grantura

We’ve finished a fresh TVR Grantura Mk2 race engine build. This is an FIA specification 1600cc BMC B-Series engine. This type of B-series would have originally come from an MGA. TVR used the 1600cc in the Mk2 Grantura before switching to the 1800cc variant from the MGB. This one is fitted with the aluminium crossflow Derrington cylinder head as homologated on the TVR. Once back in the car it is due to race at the Spa Six Hours event in September.

TVR Grantura MGA race engine rebuild TVR Grantura MGA race engine rebuild

Formula Ford 1600 engine rebuild

We’ve just finished the rebuild on this Formula Ford 1600 engine. It’s going in a 1979 Van Diemen. Due to a crack in the original block this one is using a brand new block from Ford. In addition to the new block we’ve also replaced the pistons. The engine uses the original cylinder head, however, it has been fully rebuilt. All machine work was carried out by Southern Rebore Services. We are looking forward to seeing this engine back on track.

Formula Ford engine rebuild Formula Ford engine rebuild