Race engine build for TVR Grantura

We’ve finished a fresh TVR Grantura Mk2 race engine build. This is an FIA specification 1600cc BMC B-Series engine. This type of B-series would have originally come from an MGA. TVR used the 1600cc in the Mk2 Grantura before switching to the 1800cc variant from the MGB. This one is fitted with the aluminium crossflow Derrington cylinder head as homologated on the TVR. Once back in the car it is due to race at the Spa Six Hours event in September.

TVR Grantura MGA race engine rebuild TVR Grantura MGA race engine rebuild

Formula Ford 1600 engine rebuild

We’ve just finished the rebuild on this Formula Ford 1600 engine. It’s going in a 1979 Van Diemen. Due to a crack in the original block this one is using a brand new block from Ford. In addition to the new block we’ve also replaced the pistons. The engine uses the original cylinder head, however, it has been fully rebuilt. All machine work was carried out by Southern Rebore Services. We are looking forward to seeing this engine back on track.

Formula Ford engine rebuild Formula Ford engine rebuild

Fast road engine build for supercharged Austin A35 van

We just finished this engine build for the Chadder & Co. Austin A35 van. Starting from a 1275cc MG Midget block it has been over-bored and fitted with Omega forced induction pistons, ARP fasteners, steel flywheel and 285 camshaft. The head has been fully modified by Vmaxscart ready for their supercharger conversion and on top of that we’ve fitted a set of aluminium roller rockers from Mini Sport. This little van will really fly.

Fresh engine and gearbox for TR4 ahead of Equipe GTS 2019 season

Triumph TR4 race engine rebuild

As part of this Triumph TR4 race preparation service we look after every part of a race car. That includes engines and gearboxes. The black and red Triumph TR4 of Dave Griffiths has been undergoing some winter prep ahead of the 2019 season. The engine has been freshly rebuilt with a brand new cylinder head from a new iron casting. Additionally, we’ve changed the camshaft profile to make another jump in power. We will fit a new clutch plate before the engine is mated to the freshly rebuilt gearbox. Finally, the whole unit will be fitted in the car before a rolling road session to dial in the new head and camshaft. The car has it’s first test booked at Brands Hatch on March 1st. Fingers crossed for a dry day.