2 Replies to “Proof found of Metropolitan Racer!”

  1. I recently purchased a copy of this photo on ebay. No info on the back though.
    Your race car is identical to the ’62 hardtop I drove during my highschool years in So. Cal. back in the late 60’s.
    My first car was an Anglia 105e.
    I currently have several of these along with a couple MG’s,Morris cars, and a mk3 Spit.
    Would like some specifics on your brake/suspension mods as I have a late series 4 black/white hardtop that I plan on making into a nice road car. MGB 5 main with 4spd o/d gearbox, Spridget front disc conv, h/d shocks ,anti-roll bar , etc.
    Bruce P.

    1. We have custom rear leaf springs with standard drums. Up front has Spitfire disc with a larger Girling caliper from a Mk1 Escort. Goes pretty well. Should be coming out later this season.

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