WOSP Classic Mini Lightweight Competition Alternator - RACE

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LMA265 is the latest development introduced in 2019. This is the smallest and lightest Lucas ACR direct replacement alternator in the world with a full CNC billet housing coupled to brand new and uprated OE Denso parts anchored in place to withstand any harmonic vibration.

LMA265-RACEMINI is very similar to the FIA model but is left in it’s gorgeous CNC machined finish case and aluminium cover. Supplied as standard with an over-sized, high-sided, hard-anodised pulley to reduce load on the engine and prevent the belt from turning or coming off if the engine is over-revved.

Available in 50A as standard or 90A (high output) as special order.

Also suitable for any BMC A-series engine including MG Midget.

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