MGA restoration complete

Our restoration of Tony Corkett’s MGA is finally complete. The car originally came from the USA and had minimal rust. It did however, have some past accident damage which had bent the chassis. Everything has been rebuilt from the ground up. Tony chose black over red interior which looks really striking. We’ve upgraded the starter motor, alternator and battery for added reliability but have kept everything else as standard. Looking forward to giving it back to it’s owner for many years of classic motoring.

Jaguar XK150 metal work complete

This Jaguar XK150’s metal work is complete. It started as a good shell overall but had excessive rust around the B-pillars and along the sills. We’ve used new panels where available making sure all repairs look as close to factory as possible.

Jaguar XK150 FHC body restoration

We’ve recently started on a body restoration of a Jaguar XK150 fixed head coupe. The body and chassis have been completely stripped and separated before they were media blasted. The body has been mounted back on the chassis and braced so we can started removing the rusted metal and replacing panels. Overall the car is in really good shape and the rust damage is minimal.

1979 Lotus Sunbeam back on the road

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working to get this incredibly original 1979 Lotus Sunbeam back on the road. Its been stood in a garage for many years and needed all new brakes, some suspension bushes, a carburettor overhaul, cambelt, water pump, ignition system, new tyres and a battery. It passed its MOT today and will be going back to the customer tomorrow.

Lotus Sunbeam restoration 2 Lotus Sunbeam restoration

MGA goes into paint

The MGA restoration is making good progress now. The chassis is complete and painted and the body has now been fitted and painted. The owner has opted for black over red leather. Can’t wait to see it done.

MGA restoration black paint 2 MGA restoration black paint