Another yellow Dino 246

We’ve had a second yellow Dino 246 with us, only this one has the flares and the wider Campagnolo wheels rather than the typical Cromodora’s. This Dino was in for a relatively major service but was also suffering from sticking rear brakes. New caliper, discs and pads on the back sorted that issue and the car is now back on the road.

Dino 246 service

This stunning Dino 246 usually lives in storage but comes out a couple times a year when the owner visits the UK. The car’s been inspected, serviced and road tested and is now ready to go.

Dino 246 engine classic Ferrari service and repair Dino 246 classic Ferrari service and repair

26,000km Ferrari 328 GTS recommissioning

A very low mileage LHD Italian import Ferrari 328 is in the workshop for recommissioning. The car only did 26,000km (15,000 miles) before coming over to the UK. As the story goes the car belonged to a Mafioso who needed to get rid of it during an tax investigation. It has been in dry storage for 10 years now and although it is immaculately presented it does need some mechanical work. The brakes will all need rebuilding and we will be changing the cam belts. We will see what else it needs as we work our way through.

Ferrari 328 boot lid badge Ferrari 328 interior Ferrari 328 GTS Ferrari 328 rear