Jaguar XK150 body fitted to chassis

Over the past year or so we’ve done a lot of work on a Jaguar XK150 that is that is being assembled by it’s owner. We had the chassis back last week to do a couple of jobs before the body was fitted. The body arrived on Monday so we could drop it down onto the chassis using our lift. Next step is painting the outside.

Jaguar XK150 in for full service

This Jaguar XK150 came in for a full service and a rolling road power run. The car has been used regularly by its owner both on the road and on track days and although it is not a show queen it is loved and well looked after. Aside from the usual service items we found a problem with a rear hub that required some work and a new seal and it also received a replacement indicator switch. The car went on the rolling road for a quick check and a power run.

Jaguar XK140 engine out

Since returning from Silverstone classic we removed the sump to check what has happened to the XK140. It is evident that the bottom end bearings had suffered so the decision was made to pull the engine for further inspection and unfortunately, a rebuild.

Joao Mira-Gomes Jaguar XK 140 Silverstone Classic CCK Historic Mira Gomes XK140 Mira Gomes XK140 2 Jaguar XK140 engine