Cheetah gets some doors

With the season over we are able to spend more time on the bigger projects. The latest work to the Cheetah sees the doors fitted with fabricated hinges. The door handles we have also fabricated to match as accurately as possible those in period photographs.

Bill Thomas Cheetah door fitting 2 Bill Thomas Cheetah door fitting

Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint GT race prepped with new ignition

David Alexander suffered a bad misfire at the last race at Brand Hatch. Having no luck sorting it at the circuit they brought it back for us to look at. It passed the compression test so we moved onto to the ignition and fuel supply. The HT leads were a little old as was the cap and rotor arm. We took a look at the electronic ignition and found the trigger wheel had a lot of play. We decided to replace the ignition with an Ignitor setup from Pertronix as well as the cap and rotor arm with genuine Bosch items and the HT leads. The fuel supply was weak so a new Facet Red Top Competition pump was installed. We also discovered that the rear carburetor was flooding. This was due to a warn float pivot pin which prevented the float valve from closing. With all of these issues its no wonder it had a problem. The car has now been prepped ready for a test at Brands Hatch next week.

GRRC 73rd Members’ Meeting

Once again Lord March has hosted one spectacular event. Quickly becoming our favourite of the Goodwood events due to smaller crowds and a stronger emphasis on the racing. All of our drivers and our cars performed admirably. Dave Griffiths charged forward in the TR4 to make up 6 places in the Les Leston Cup. Ian Burford and Mike Haigh both drove with gusto and Shaun Rainford amazed everyone by hanging on to the leading pack in our Nash Metropolitan. Well done Goodwood, we cannot wait till next year.

Shaun Rainford's Nash Metropolitan Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting Ford Falcon Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting  Griffiths Triumph TR4 Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting Burford Lumbertubs Sprite Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting

Cheetah Progress

A lot of progress has been made over the past couple of weeks. The body work has been fitted, the roll cage has been fabricated and welded to the chassis and much of the aluminium paneling for the chassis has been made. The seat and pedal box are both in place now and we are currently working on the steering column.

Bill Thomas Cheetah 4 Bill Thomas Cheetah 3

Dave Griffith’s gets a Triumph TR4 FIA race car

Our client Dave Griffiths can usually be found behind the wheel of his 1958 Standard Vanguard race car but has often spoken about getting into a sports car. He found this 1964 Triumph TR4 FIA race car the other week and asked us to go take a look. The car looked good so we ended up bringing it back with us. There are one or two jobs that need to be done and a little detailing on the bodywork but the car has proven itself to be very competitive in the past. The nice thing about the TR4 is it shares a lot with the Standard Vanguard. First stop is Mallory Park next week for some testing. Watch this space.

Triumph TR4 FIA race car 4 Triumph TR4 FIA race car 2 Triumph TR4 FIA race car 3 Triumph TR4 FIA race car

1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah Restoration/Race Car Preparation

When it comes to historic race car preparation and restoration this is one of the more exciting projects we have ever taken on. In 1963 Bill Thomas set out to build a sports car to take on the the might of the Shelby Cobras. With support from Chevrolet Thomas designed a tubular chassis two seat racing car utilizing much of the running gear from the brand new Corvette Stingray including the independent rear suspension and 327ci V8. Due to a fire that destroyed much of the factory Chevrolet pulled the funding on the project after only 16 chassis’ and maybe 10 or 11 complete cars were made. A handful of these original Cheetahs went on the be raced across the USA for many years with good success. Our client Ian Burford brought across a chassis from the states earlier this year with a handful of suspension components and the fibreglass bodywork. After assessing the chassis we decided to have it media blasted and, due to the quality of the joints, re-weld all of the tubes. We then had to source some original Corvette Stingray running gear in order to begin the dry build process. It is a bit like building a puzzle without the picture and without any of the pieces.

AGRiversideUSRRCApril64 800x600 10474623675_24109430cd_o 10474598245_4cf3d44bd7_o Times GP at Riverside 10:64 - 1479