Modified Mk2 Morris Mini on the rolling road

A smart little Mk2 Morris Mini with a 1275cc engine and twin HS4 carburettors. The engine was running poorly due to a number of factors. We set the points gap and set the ignition timing. Once the twin SU carburettors were balanced we setup the idle then gave it a power run. A change of needles was required to get the fueling right but it runs an awful lot better now.

Mk2 Mini 1275 rolling road 3 Mk2 Mini 1275 rolling road 4 Mk2 Mini 1275 rolling road Mk2 Mini 1275 rolling road 2

Classic Mini engine building service

The BMC ‘A’ Series engine is one of our specialties, having built and raced Sprites, Midgets and Minis for years. Road, rally and full race engines, we can build to your required specifications. We currently have two Mini engines in the assembly shop. One will be a ‘A+’ road engine, the other a fast road small block showcasing all that the 60’s tuning companies had to offer. This little 998 has been bored out to 1040cc and will receive a genuine Speedwell Alloy head and Shorrock supercharger. This will all sit on top of a magnesium cased Colotti 5 speed gearbox. Should be a lot of fun.