Austin Healey 3000 found after 38 years in storage

An Austin-Healey 3000 has been uncovered in a garage in London after being parked for 38 years 1975. The ice blue sports car was owned by a British Leyland employee who used the car to drive to work until 1975 when it was parked in his garage, never to be moved until now. The car is in exceptionally good condition with very little corrosion underneath. The body work is also relatively corrosion free and very straight. Inside we found a British Leyland security pass and the last tax disc dated May 1975. A true time warp.

Austin-Healey 3000 barn find 2Austin-Healey 3000 barn find 3Austin-Healey 3000 barn find 1975 tax discAustin-Healey 3000 barn find

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    1. It had a custom wooden dash made in the early 70’s with a bunch of switches etc. It is rather strange.

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