HRDC Goodwood Track Day, March 4th

The HRDC will be at Goodwood on March 4th for a pre-season track day. A great opportunity to shake down that new or freshly prepped race car before the first race. 105dbl noise limit and passengers are allowed. £275 for the full day plus £50 for passengers. Please visit the HRDC website for more information.

goodwood_trackdayCCK Goodwood track day. Peter Blanchett Austin A50CCK Goodwood track dayHRDC

2 Replies to “HRDC Goodwood Track Day, March 4th”

  1. Will you be running the MG 1100 on the Track Day? If so, I would be very pleased to have a passenger ride. I own a standard 1964 MG 1100 and I would be very happy to ride in a racing version.

    Best wishes,

    Derek Porter

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