Mike Haigh Ford Falcon in at Goodwood’s 73rd Members Meeting

Mike Haigh and his fabulous Ford Falcon will be returning to Goodwood this spring at the GRRC 73rd Members Meeting. They will be taking part in the Sopwith Cup for pre-1960 saloon cars along side our Nash Metropolitan. We’ve got a bit of development work to do this winter and hope to be out testing early in the new year.

Ford Falcon Goodwood Haigh Falcon 2848233625_f0a3f70d0b_z Haigh Flacon

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  1. Hi Mike, could you let me know the specs of your Falcon, I have a ’61 2 door with the 170 six and the Dagenham 4 speed. would like to improve it. I have an offenhauser 3 carb manifold and Clifford exhaust manifold already. might be able to help you out with spares too.

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