BMW 3.0 CSi. E9 Fast Road Rebuild

The BMW E9 fast road project has come a long way in recent weeks and its really beginning to take shape. The B35 engine is in and the new ITB fuel injection system has been installed. The car will be running a triple set of Jenvey Dynamics throttle bodies and an Emerald ECU. We’ve fitted a set of Bilstein shock absorbers because they offer great performance with being harsh. It has also received uprated springs and poly suspension bushes. Next up is the 5-speed gearbox conversion and to finish of the engine install. Then the car goes off for new carpet and interior trimming in brown leather.

BMW E9 fast road. ITB fuel injection B35 engine BMW E9 fast road. ITB fuel injection B35 engine

1958 TVR Grantura-Climax tested on track

Ian Burford’s 1958 TVR Grantura made its test debut last week following the restoration over the Winter. Overall it was very positive. The car worked without major issue and we’ve now established a stable bench mark from which we can develop the car. The car looked stunning and garnered a lot of compliments up and down the paddock. Look out for this one racing in 2019.

BMW E9 3.0 CSi repaint and engine build project

We’ve just started on another classic BMW Coupe. This one is a German market LHD 3.0 CSi. The car was in pretty good condition overall. We found a little rust in the out sills and the front passenger footwell. Rust removed, we are putting a new set of outer sills on the car and a new floor pan. The existing paint has been removed to reveal some very straight panels. The car will be prepped and painted in BMW Atlantic Blue. We are also building a 3.5 litre fast road, fuel injected engine for this. Should be a cracking car when done. Watch this space for updates.

1937 Mercedes-Benz W143 230 Pullman

We are currently working to bring this 1937 Mercedes-Benz 230 Pullman back to road-worthy condition. Overall, the car is in good condition. Although it runs and drives it needs a fair amount of work to get it back on the road. We’ve started with some suspension repairs this week and we’ve removed the cylinder head and fuel pump and fuel tank for reconditioning.

1988 Lotus Esprit recommission

This Lotus Esprit had sat in a garage for years before its current owner rescued it. The car had seized rear brakes and a few other small issues but was overall very good. With the rear brakes sorted and the engine up and running the car is now back on the road.