New Vapour Blasting Service in Sussex

Vapour blasting sussex

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new Vapour Blasting Service here at CCK in Sussex. We are ready to clean your engine components with our brand new Aquablast machine from Vixen. This wet blasting process works wonders, especially on aluminium, bringing it back to look like new. It leaves your engine components spotlessly clean with a subtle sheen, ideal for restorations. The process cleans by flow, and not impact, producing a ‘soft’ finish. Additionally, the water acts as a lubricant, avoiding media impregnation. It will clean the surface without removing any material unlike dry media blasting.

The vapour or aqua blasting process is perfect for removing all manor of grease, grime and staining. Cylinder heads, timing covers and cam covers can look like new again. Even heavily stained gearbox and differential casings can look like new again. For vapour blasting in Sussex call us on 01825 733659.

Straight cut remote gearbox built for racing Classic Mini

A classic Mini straight cut gearbox for our FIA Appendix K Mini Cooper S race car. A fresh rebuild on the straight cut, close ratio gearbox has been assembled. New bearings and gaskets were supplied by Mini Sport ahead of the Goodwood Member’s Meeting race this April. The 77th Members Meeting will hold a Mini only race for the cars 60th Anniversary. 60 Minis will do battle in the Betty Richmond Trophy race.

Get in touch if you need a gearbox or a differential rebuild for either Mini or Sprite and Midget road and race cars.

Classic Mini straight cut gearbox Classic Mini straight cut gearbox

Custom roll cage for Alfa Romeo Giulietta

We’ve just finished a custom bolt-in roll cage for a lovely little Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Made from 38mm CDS tubing to FIA Appendix K regulations and painted in the body colour Alfa Rosso. This cage has 6 points with rear diagonal, door bars and a harness bar. Roll cages are not available for all historic vehicle so a custom made cage might be the only option. Additionally, some people like to tailor their roll cage to suit their driving position.

custom roll cage for Alfa Romeo Giulietta custom roll cage for Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Jaguar E-type V12 recommissioned after 13 years in storage

This Jaguar E-type Series 3 V12 has been in storage for 13 years. The owner now has a new garage and room to bring it home so we set about getting it road worthy once more. Although the condition of the car has been maintained over this time there are a lot of items that will degrade through lack of use. Rubber components like coolant hoses needed replacing and the brakes required some attention. The engine needed a good service along with lots of little jobs to get everything working as it should. This afternoon we will deliver the car home once and for all.