TVR Grantura Mk1 body restoration

Ian Burford’s Coventry Climax powered TVR Grantura has gone into the body shop for the restoration of its fibreglass body. It has decades worth of cracks, filler and paint layers so we are taking it right back to the original fibreglass to be repaired, prepped and repainted ready for the 2019 race season. The car is a rare and very early TVR with a 1097cc Coventry Climax FWA engine and drum brakes all round.

Porsche 911 bonnet fitment and paint

A local customer brought in his Porsche 911 for the fitment and painting of a new fibreglass bonnet. The car has been back dated to resemble to original RS from the 70’s. Painted in Porsche’s ‘light yellow’ it now sports a lightweight fibreglass bonnet that fits.

Rust repairs for a Rover P6

A very nice and well presented Rover P6 came in with a few small rust concerns. As is often the case, once poked and prodded those small concerns became quite large concerns. A common place to find rust in a Rover P6 is in the d-post. A structural area just in front of the rear wheel that meets the sill. Once you get some bubbles in this area it’s usually a sure sign that there is a serious issue inside. We also dealt with some rusty doors and a major rust repair at the front of the n/s sill. Paint was colour matched and turned out perfectly.

Major service and repairs to Series 1 Jaguar E-type

This beautiful Series 1 Jaguar E-type came in for a full inspection, major service and repairs. There were a few large jobs to carry out including works to the rear subframe and drivetrain. We replaced all of the front suspension bushes and a couple of ball joints. We replaced the water pump, adjusted the cam tensioner and carried out an engine service. We’ve fitted a set of static seat belts and had the car MOT’d.

MG Midget twin SU carb rebuild

We had a very nice, and very original, MG Midget in this week for a carb rebuild. The twin SU HS2 carburettors were stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new bushes, spindles, gaskets and float valves. The carbs went back on the car before we balanced them and setup the idle mixture.

Replica John Aley roll bar for Mk1 Escorts

A little while ago we were asked if we could make some replica John Aley roll bars for some period correct Mk1 Escort restorations. We had to make some tools to work with the skinny 1.25″ tubing that was used in period but they turned out great. We worked to some photographs from the early 70’s to get them just right.