BMW E9 3.0 CSi – new owner inspection

This beautiful example of the BMW E9 was recently purchased and driven back from Germany. A very nice example with very few issues, we’ve given the car a cursory inspection for it’s new owner with a view to carry out some future work.

Cylinder head reconditioning, unleaded conversions, crank grinding, block boring… It’s all going on at Southern Rebore Services

Southern Rebore Services joined us over a year ago now and is continuing to grow. We’ve got a steady stream of cylinder heads coming through the building as well as cranks and blocks. If you need a head skimmed, rebuilt, an unleaded conversion, a block bored or a crank ground give them a call on 01825 733659 or send a message to

Jaguar E-type service and repairs

We had another Jaguar E-type in this week. This time it was a 2+2 LHD from the USA. The owner wanted the underside and sill cavities Waxoyl’d but he also report a steering issue. Upon inspection we found the steering rack to be completely worn out along with the lower wishbone bushes and shock absorber bushes. We put some fresh bushes on it and a new steering rack. We also replace the exhaust mounts and the reclining mechanism on the drivers seat. The hold reclining mechanism has broken in the past and had been welded up so it couldn’t move.

1988 Lotus Esprit recommission

This Lotus Esprit had sat in a garage for years before its current owner rescued it. The car had seized rear brakes and a few other small issues but was overall very good. With the rear brakes sorted and the engine up and running the car is now back on the road.

Timing chain and clutch for old Mercedes G-Wagon

We’ve got this old Mercedes G-Wagon in for some work. Basically it’s Germany’s answer to our Defender. A funny ticking noise from the engine turned out to be a broken link in the timing chain. Most likely caused by the improper fitment of the chain last time around. New chain installed correctly before we get it on the ramp for a new clutch.