Jaguar Mk1 roll cage

This Jaguar Mk1 has just received a bespoke roll cage to FIA specifications. Although a roll cage is not required when racing a car from the 1950’s it is highly recommended. We started with removing the seats and most of the interior. Next, we had to remove the bitumen sound deadening from the areas of the floor where we needed to weld. We then fabricate the six point bolt-in roll cage. We designed the rear cage to mount to the rear bulkhead where the upper rear suspension point is. This will help stiffen up the car a little. Additionally, all of the counter plates were welded into the car for a clean, strong finish. Harness eye mounting plates with captive nuts were also welded into the rear bulkhead. Lastly, this Jaguar Mk1 bespoke roll cage was removed and painted satin black.

If you require a bespoke roll cage for something unusual then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Likewise, we can supply and fit roll cages from Custom Cages.