Austin Healey 3000 restoration – engine and gearbox rebuilt and installed

Austin Healey 3000 restoration

This Austin Healey 3000 has reached the next point of its restoration. The installation of the engine and gearbox. The chassis on the Austin Healey 3000 will flex under the weight of the engine and gearbox. Because of the flex, you have to install the engine and gearbox before you fit and adjust the outer body panels. Otherwise you will have serious problems.

The original 3 litre engine was rebuilt with a few modifications. First of all the flywheel was lightened and the rotating assembly balanced. Next, we raised the compression ratio to 10:1. We swapped the camshaft for a higher performance alternative and fully ported & gas flowed the cylinder head. Additionally, we fitted stainless steel racing valves and uprated valve springs. Lastly, we have a free flowing tubular exhaust manifold and triple SU carburettors. All of the machining work was carried out at Southern Rebore Services.

Next, this Austin Healey 3000 restoration will move into the bodyshop.

Austin-Healey 3000 now rolling

Our Austin-Healey 3000 restoration project has moved on a little this winter. We’ve finished building the back axle and hubs and now have the car rolling for the first time in nearly 10 years. We’ve also rebuilt the gearbox and started working on the engine.

Austin-Healey 3000 ignition woes

We picked up a local Austin-Healey 3000 with some running issues. The engine was cutting out and coughing and wouldn’t go for more than about 10 minutes. The problem was traced to the ignition system. The components looked as though they had not been changed in some time so a new coil, points, condenser, red rotor arm and distributor cap from Distributor Doctor were ordered. Once the parts were fitted and set up it was running sweet. A quick power run and back to the owner.

Austin Healey 3000 rolling road 2 Austin Healey 3000 rolling road

Mk1 Lotus Cortina and Healey 3000 repairs

Local enthusiast David Long has left two of his classics with us for some work. The first is Jan Hardy’s Austin-Healey 3000. A loss a brake fluid was found to be the result of a tired braked servo cylinder. This has been re-sleaved and will be rebuilt and fitted to the car. This gorgeous Mk1 Lotus Cortina has developed an ignition issue and currently wont start.

David Long Mk1 Lotus Cortina David Long Mk1 Lotus Cortina twincam engine bay David Long Mk1 Lotus Cortina interior dashboard David Long Healey 3000

Peter Warren returns to Healey 3000 restoration

Peter Warren has returned to the CCK workshop to resume the restoration of Shaun’s Austin-Healey 3000 shell. He has a lot of work to do as this shell has plenty of rust, but needless to say Peter will do a grand job bringing this big Healey back to the road. Watch this space for updates and progress on the build.