Porsche 911 bonnet fitment and paint

A local customer brought in his Porsche 911 for the fitment and painting of a new fibreglass bonnet. The car has been back dated to resemble to original RS from the 70’s. Painted in Porsche’s ‘light yellow’ it now sports a lightweight fibreglass bonnet that fits.

Triumph TR3A in paint

The accident damaged TR3A has been painted. We had the original green colour matched. Ian flattened and polish the paintwork today. It will go into the workshop now ready to be refitted.

Triumph TR3A respray Triumph TR3A respray 2

MGB GT goes into paint

With all the body work complete the MGB GT has gone into paint. The primer was flatted before the top coat. It will be flattened and polished before the car gets screwed back together.