Roll cage modification and upgrade to meet FIA and Motorsport UK regulations

Roll cage fabrication and modification

You might be surprised how many race cars have roll cages that do not meet the current regulations from the FIA and Motorsport UK. However, quite often these roll cages can be modified or upgraded to conform without replacing the entire roll cage.

The most common issue we see is poor mounting to the body or chassis. Often with inadequate or missing counter plates for the foot plates. Other issues include poorly design front laterals or missing door bars and rear diagonal bars. Sometimes owners just want to add a harness bar or dash rail for additional safety.

Whether you require a complete roll cage or just some modifications to bring you inline with the regulations, we can help. Most recently we upgraded the roll cage in a Jaguar XK140. We added counter plates and properly attached them to the floor of the vehicle. Next, we remade the front lateral bars so they met FIA and Motorsport UK regulations.

Contact us if you have any roll cage enquiries. We can create a new bespoke cage, modify an existing cage or supply and fit any roll cage from Custom Cages.

Jaguar Mk1 roll cage

This Jaguar Mk1 has just received a bespoke roll cage to FIA specifications. Although a roll cage is not required when racing a car from the 1950’s it is highly recommended. We started with removing the seats and most of the interior. Next, we had to remove the bitumen sound deadening from the areas of the floor where we needed to weld. We then fabricate the six point bolt-in roll cage. We designed the rear cage to mount to the rear bulkhead where the upper rear suspension point is. This will help stiffen up the car a little. Additionally, all of the counter plates were welded into the car for a clean, strong finish. Harness eye mounting plates with captive nuts were also welded into the rear bulkhead. Lastly, this Jaguar Mk1 bespoke roll cage was removed and painted satin black.

If you require a bespoke roll cage for something unusual then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Likewise, we can supply and fit roll cages from Custom Cages.

Bespoke dash rail – Mini Cooper roll cage modification

Roll cage modification Mini Cooper S

This week we were asked to add a bespoke dash rail for a Mini Cooper S roll cage modification. The car is an Appendix K FIA historic race car with an existing weld-in roll cage. However, the existing roll cage did not feature a dash rail and the owner wanted the additional safety.

We keep a range of roll cage tubing in stock but if we don’t have it we can usually get it next day. We cut a piece of tube to length and bent it on our Baileigh Industrial mandrel tube bender. Next, the ends of the tube are carefully notched for a tight fit. Finally, the new tube is welded into place.

If you have any bespoke roll cage requirements, even a simple roll cage modification like this, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Custom roll cage for Alfa Romeo Giulietta

We’ve just finished a custom bolt-in roll cage for a lovely little Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Made from 38mm CDS tubing to FIA Appendix K regulations and painted in the body colour Alfa Rosso. This cage has 6 points with rear diagonal, door bars and a harness bar. Roll cages are not available for all historic vehicle so a custom made cage might be the only option. Additionally, some people like to tailor their roll cage to suit their driving position.

custom roll cage for Alfa Romeo Giulietta custom roll cage for Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Bespoke roll cage for TVR Grantura

We’ve built a new bespoke roll cage for the Coventry Climax engined TVR Grantura of Ian Burford. The car had an existing cage, however, it had some major issues and safety must always come first. The decision was made to remove the old cage and build a new one to FIA specifications. The bespoke cage was made from 38mm CDS tubing and bolts to reinforced parts of the TVR chassis. In addition, Ian opted to have the cage painted in the body colour, Aston-Martin’s California Sage green.

tvr grantura bespoke roll cage tvr grantura bespoke roll cage