HRDC Goodwood track day a huge success!

The HRDC descended upon Goodwood yesterday for some pre-season track time. Some were shaking down new cars, some were clearing the cobwebs out from last seasons racers. We were there with Dave Griffiths Standard Vanguard to shake down the new engine. Unfortunately Dave wasn’t able to make it so Shaun Rainford stepped in as test pilot. After 3 or 4 successful sessions Shaun was able to report, “that’s a quick car now”. There was a real mix of cars from Ford Anglia’s, Mk1 Cortina’s, a couple of Mini’s, Fiats, Alfa’s, Astons and a monstrous Ford Galaxy. The track remained dry all day, and although the air was fresh the sun was out and the skies were blue. A great day that could only be topped with the sight of Julius Thurgood trundling down the pit lane in his 1938 Ford Stock car. He managed 3 or 4 laps before coming in with hypothermia.

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HRDC Goodwood Track Day, March 4th

The HRDC will be at Goodwood on March 4th for a pre-season track day. A great opportunity to shake down that new or freshly prepped race car before the first race. 105dbl noise limit and passengers are allowed. £275 for the full day plus £50 for passengers. Please visit the HRDC website for more information.

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