Jaguar XK150 door hinge repair

This week we’ve carried out a Jaguar XK150 door hinge repair. The Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 all have the same bronze bushed door hinges. The doors are heavy on these cars and the hinges wear out. The bad news is that there is no access to the door hinges for repair so most are neglected. The only way to restore the XK door hinges is to cut access holes in the front wings. This results in having to repaint the front wings once the job is done.

With the hinges removed the bronze bushes can be replaced. Additionally, we reinforce the female part of the hinge with steel plates. Firstly, this restores the bolt holes which are usually oval from wear. Secondly, it prevents the holes from wearing so quickly in the future. The final part of this XK150 door hinge repair is to repaint the wings and the doors.

Jaguar XK150 metal work complete

This Jaguar XK150’s metal work is complete. It started as a good shell overall but had excessive rust around the B-pillars and along the sills. We’ve used new panels where available making sure all repairs look as close to factory as possible.

Jaguar XK150 FHC body restoration

We’ve recently started on a body restoration of a Jaguar XK150 fixed head coupe. The body and chassis have been completely stripped and separated before they were media blasted. The body has been mounted back on the chassis and braced so we can started removing the rusted metal and replacing panels. Overall the car is in really good shape and the rust damage is minimal.