Ultimate fast road MG Midget

Over the past few months we’ve had the great pleasure of building the ultimate fast road MG Midget for Andrew Chenery. We’ve built the car for both fast road use and sprints and hill climbs. Starting at the front, we’ve built a 1380cc engine with Swiftune’s SW23 full race camshaft, Omega pistons and single Weber carburettor. Next is the Quaife dog engagement gearbox with Tilton hydraulic clutch release and Helix organic racing clutch. At the back we’ve fitted a Tran-X plate type limited slip differential. The bulkheads have been sealed and we’ve installed a fire extinguisher system, master switch and Tillet bucket seat. We’ve changed all the springs which has dropped it down a little and we’ve set up the geometry on the rear axle. We’ve also changed the steering rack for an early Frogeye type. A works style hardtop, leather bonnet strap and old english white roundels finish off the look.

Sprint/hillclimb MG gets some major upgrades

This MG Midget is in for some extensive upgrades. The engine is out for a refresh along with a hotter cam and some head work. Along with some other preparation work the gearbox is being rebuilt with one of our Quaife dog engagement gear sets and an LSD will be installed in the axle. This tidy example is built around a very good body shell and with the new improvements should prove to be very competitive.

NOW IN STOCK! MG Midget Dog Engagement Straight Cut Close Ratio Gear Kits

BRAND NEW PRODUCT! Midget Dog Engagement Straight Cut Close Ratio 4 Speed Gear Kits. We are very excited to announce the arrival of these gear kits manufactured for us exclusively by Quaife. NOW IN STOCK. Complete dog engagement gear kit, straight cut gears for minimal power loss, closer ratios for maximum performance. Purchase online here.

Gear Ratios:    2.573     1.66      1.195      1:1

Midget dog engagement gear kit 2 Midget dog engagement gear kit 3 Midget dog engagement gear kit 4 Midget dog engagement gear kit