Engine and subframe fitted to the Mini Pick-up

The small bore engine is in the subframe and yesterday we lifted the pickup body over the top and dropped it on. We are currently fitting up the brakes, wiring and plumbing before the Shorrock super charger goes in. This will be a very unique little pickup when its done.

mk1 subframe and 998 engine mk1 mini body over front subframe and engine mk1 min i pickup mk1 mini pickup engine in

Ian Gray’s Mini Pick-up gets new subframes

Over the last few weeks we’ve blasted, zinc coated, 2 pack blacked and built up a set of front and rear subframes for Ian Gray’s Mini Pick-up. Adjustable camber brackets, poly bushes, heavy duty tie bars, adjustable dampers, HiLos and Cooper S disc brakes have all been fitted. Next step is to repaint the engine bay and install the new Shorrock Supercharged 998cc engine with Speedwell head and Colotti 5 speed gearbox.

mk1 mini pickup engine out mk1 mini front subframe cooper s discs mk1 mini pickup mk1 mini pickup rear subframe

Subframes blasted and zinced for Mini Pickup

Ian Gray’s Mini pickup is in not only for a supercharged engine but will also receive fresh front and rear subframes with rebuilt suspension, adjustable camber brackets, Cooper S discs and adjustable shock absorbers. His subframes have been media blasted, zinc phosphate coated and now painted in 2 pack black.

Mk1 mini subframe blasted zinc mk1 mini subframe 2k black Ian Gray mini pickup 998 supercharged engine