MSA steps up campaign for closed road motor sport

The Motor Sports Association continues to make encouraging progress in its pursuit of a change in the law to make it easier to hold motor sport events on closed public roads. They are hoping for a public consultation in the spring. This change would make a huge difference to local economies as well as the motor sport industry. It would make it far easier for clubs to organise hill climb and sprint events and pump some fresh blood into grass roots motor sport in the UK. In the meantime you can sign the petition here.

MSA to campaign for closed road motor sport in mainland Britain

The campaign is seeking a change to the law that will empower local authorities to close a road temporarily in order to facilitate motor sport events on the public highway, without needing a costly Act of Parliament to suspend the Road Traffic Act. The public affairs agency Portland will assist the MSA with a strategy of grassroots campaigning combined with a targeted Westminster and media effort to deliver a change in the law. This could have a huge effect on grass roots motor sport with the potential for local sprints and hill climbs held on closed public roads.

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