Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint GT race prepped with new ignition

David Alexander suffered a bad misfire at the last race at Brand Hatch. Having no luck sorting it at the circuit they brought it back for us to look at. It passed the compression test so we moved onto to the ignition and fuel supply. The HT leads were a little old as was the cap and rotor arm. We took a look at the electronic ignition and found the trigger wheel had a lot of play. We decided to replace the ignition with an Ignitor setup from Pertronix as well as the cap and rotor arm with genuine Bosch items and the HT leads. The fuel supply was weak so a new Facet Red Top Competition pump was installed. We also discovered that the rear carburetor was flooding. This was due to a warn float pivot pin which prevented the float valve from closing. With all of these issues its no wonder it had a problem. The car has now been prepped ready for a test at Brands Hatch next week.