2011 Winter Challenge Send Off


A great cup of tea was provided by the Lenham Cafe as we sent off the crews of the 2011 Winter Challenge. They are retracing the path of the original Monte-Carlo Rally and will be driving some of the worst winter roads the Alps have to offer. An excellent variety of cars are competing including a Volvo PV544, a pair of Lotus Elans, a few Volvo Amazons, a couple of Mercs, a Ford Anglia, some Alfas and a Lancia Fulvia. There was a Triumph TR3 and TR4, a works Landcrab with a 3 man crew, a Lenham Sprite, a mk1 mini, an Alvis, and a mk1 Escort to name but a few. I am sure everyone involved will enjoy it immensely if not for the cold. Good luck.

winter challengeTR3Mercedes Rallylandcrab

Nash makes progress


We’ve been making steady progress on the Nash Metropolitan race car. Almost all of the welding is complete, the roll cage is fitted and the doors, bonnet and boot lid are on for checking the gaps. The right side of the car has no door gaps and after some exploration Graham discovered that the bottom of the ‘b’ post was almost completely un-attached for the sills. They were only held together by 2 very small spot welds. After pulling the shell straight we welded the ‘b’ post and sill together and repeated the procedure on the other side. We are currently working on the pedals which should be the last major job before Ian takes over and starts prepping for paint next week.