Roll cage modification and upgrade to meet FIA and Motorsport UK regulations

Roll cage fabrication and modification

You might be surprised how many race cars have roll cages that do not meet the current regulations from the FIA and Motorsport UK. However, quite often these roll cages can be modified or upgraded to conform without replacing the entire roll cage.

The most common issue we see is poor mounting to the body or chassis. Often with inadequate or missing counter plates for the foot plates. Other issues include poorly design front laterals or missing door bars and rear diagonal bars. Sometimes owners just want to add a harness bar or dash rail for additional safety.

Whether you require a complete roll cage or just some modifications to bring you inline with the regulations, we can help. Most recently we upgraded the roll cage in a Jaguar XK140. We added counter plates and properly attached them to the floor of the vehicle. Next, we remade the front lateral bars so they met FIA and Motorsport UK regulations.

Contact us if you have any roll cage enquiries. We can create a new bespoke cage, modify an existing cage or supply and fit any roll cage from Custom Cages.

Custom Cages roll cage and seam welding for FIA ’65 Mustang race car.

FIA Mustang race preparation seam welding

We just finished working on this FIA 65 Mustang body shell. To build a great race car you have to start with the body shell. A lot of work goes in to the body before the engine or suspension are considered. The body shell wants to be light and stiff. For an FIA Mustang race preparation we remove anything deemed superfluous to save a little weight. Additionally we look for any area that would benefit from stiffening. On a big muscle car like this we concentrate on the front. First, we seam weld around the front suspension towers. Next, around the inner wings. Then we join the inner wings up to the front bulkhead and a-panels. Finally, we seem weld the door and window apertures.

The roll cage goes a long way to stiffen the rear of the body. Especially this T45 historic roll cage from Custom Cages. The Mustang Notchback roll cage features double crosses at the back as well as a pair of bars between the bottom of the main hoop and the rear stays. We feel the Custom Cages T45 historic roll cages are the best by a long shot. They are light, strong and beautifully designed. Also, they are a very snug fit meaning there is less to encroach on the driver.

If you are interested in race preparation for a Mustang or any other car or roll cage installation feel free to get in touch. Click here for our contact details.

Datsun 240Z rally car preparation

This Datsun 240Z endurance rally car came in for some preparation. We are getting the car ready for HERO Events Icelandic Saga 2019 rally. The car has been all over the world on endurance rally’s in Africa, the Himalayas and even the famous Peking to Paris. However, the car has continually suffered from CV joint problems. This was the result of driveshaft bolts pulling out of the aluminium drive flange adapters. We engineered a new driveshaft setup with heavy duty drive flanges made from steel. In addition, we used competition GKN CV joints and bespoke driveshafts. Additionally we had to repair a rusted sill and rebuild the Hitachi carburettors. Finally, for this Datsun rally preparation, the engine was tuned on our rolling road.

Datsun 240Z historic endurance rally car preparation Datsun 240Z historic endurance rally car preparation

1958 TVR Grantura-Climax tested on track

Ian Burford’s 1958 TVR Grantura made its test debut last week following the restoration over the Winter. Overall it was very positive. The car worked without major issue and we’ve now established a stable bench mark from which we can develop the car. The car looked stunning and garnered a lot of compliments up and down the paddock. Look out for this one racing in 2019.

Triumph TR4A preparation for competition

Triumph TR4A preparation for Sprint and Hill Climb racing. The owner of this very tidy Triumph TR4A is in the process of preparing it for some light competition use. Mainly sprints and hill climbs. Although the regulations are less strict than for circuit racing, there are still many things that need to be considered. As always, safety is paramount.

First we put the car on the rolling road to fine tune the freshly built engine. Following that we made an aluminium rear bulkhead, sealing off the cabin from the boot where the fuel tank resides. Additionally we fitted a rear roll cage with harness bar. Finally, for this Triumph hill climb preparation, we carried out a complete spanner check. We found that the brake and clutch master cylinders were leaking so these were also replaced. We always recommend fitting new brake master cylinders before any competition use.

Triumph TR4A sprint and hill climb preparation Triumph TR4A sprint and hill climb preparation