Datsun 240Z rally car

This Datsun 240Z endurance rally car came in for some work prior to a trip to Iceland. This car has been all over the world on endurance rally’s, Africa, the Himalaya and even the famous Peking to Paris. We’ve engineered a new driveshaft setup with heavier duty drive flanges, CV’s and bespoke driveshafts. We also had to repair a rusty sill, rebuild the Hitachi carburettors and rolling road tune engine.

1958 TVR Grantura-Climax tested on track

Ian Burford’s 1958 TVR Grantura made its test debut last week following the restoration over the Winter. Overall it was very positive. The car worked without major issue and we’ve now established a stable bench mark from which we can develop the car. The car looked stunning and garnered a lot of compliments up and down the paddock. Look out for this one racing in 2019.

Triumph TR4A preparation for competition

The owner of this very tidy Triumph TR4A is in the process of preparing it for some light competition. Mainly sprints and hill climbs. We first had the car on the rolling road to fine tune a newly built engine. Following that we made an aluminium rear bulkhead, sealing off the cabin from the boot where the fuel tank resides and fitted a rear roll cage with harness bar. We carried out a spanner check and found the brake and clutch master cylinders were leaking so these were also replaced.

Bespoke roll cage for TVR Grantura

The Coventry Climax engined TVR Grantura of Ian Burford has a brand new roll cage. The existing cage had some major issues and safety always has to come first. The decision was made to remove the old cage and build a new one to FIA specifications. The bespoke cage was made here from 38mm CDS tubing and bolts to reinforced parts of the TVR chassis. Ian opted to have the cage painted in the body colour, Aston-Martin’s California Sage green.

FIA Mini Cooper S to compete at GRRC 77th Members Meeting

We are pleased to announce that our tartan red FIA Mini Cooper S will be competing for the Betty Richmond Trophy at Goodwood’s GRRC 77th Member Meeting this April. Following a blistering run up the hill at FOS in the John Rhodes mini we will once again have our own Charles Rainford behind the wheel. Although the car has not seen much action since being completed we are currently building a new race engine for it in an effort to maximise our chances of a strong result. Competition will be fierce so we want to give Charles and the car the best possible chance.

The car was built to illustrate our book with much support from MiniSport along with other suppliers. Click here to find out more about the book.

TVR Grantura receives a fresh Coventry Climax engine

The TVR Grantura-Climax is nearly ready to hit the track. A brand new Coventry Climax engine and a rebuilt gearbox went in today in preparation for the new season. Glyn Peacock built the all steel race engine which will go in place of the original 75bhp version. The car is due to be testing on March 18th.