Datsun 240Z rally car preparation

This Datsun 240Z endurance rally car came in for some preparation. We are getting the car ready for HERO Events Icelandic Saga 2019 rally. The car has been all over the world on endurance rally’s in Africa, the Himalayas and even the famous Peking to Paris. However, the car has continually suffered from CV joint problems. This was the result of driveshaft bolts pulling out of the aluminium drive flange adapters. We engineered a new driveshaft setup with heavy duty drive flanges made from steel. In addition, we used competition GKN CV joints and bespoke driveshafts. Additionally we had to repair a rusted sill and rebuild the Hitachi carburettors. Finally, for this Datsun rally preparation, the engine was tuned on our rolling road.

Datsun 240Z historic endurance rally car preparation Datsun 240Z historic endurance rally car preparation