Fresh Race Preparation for a Fiat 1100 Historic Racer

We’ve been asked to carry out a fresh race preparation on this Fiat 1100. The car is already a race car and was purchased recently from an auction. The car is unknown to the new owner so they wanted to get it checked out before hitting the track. Additionally, it’s good to set a baseline on the rolling road so we can monitor the health and performance of the engine.

We started with a thorough front to rear checkover and spanner check. Then, we made a report of areas we thought needed attention. Overall, the Fiat was in pretty good shape. We had to source a handbrake cable and fabricate some 1-piece wheel spacers for the rear. Next, we attended to the electrics and got all the lights working. Following that, we got the engine running and and set the car up on the rolling road. Now the fresh race preparation on this Fiat is complete we are satisfied it works and that it meets safety standards. Next we head to Brands Hatch so the new owners can start enjoying it.

Datsun 240Z rally car preparation

This Datsun 240Z endurance rally car came in for some preparation. We are getting the car ready for HERO Events Icelandic Saga 2019 rally. The car has been all over the world on endurance rally’s in Africa, the Himalayas and even the famous Peking to Paris. However, the car has continually suffered from CV joint problems. This was the result of driveshaft bolts pulling out of the aluminium drive flange adapters. We engineered a new driveshaft setup with heavy duty drive flanges made from steel. In addition, we used competition GKN CV joints and bespoke driveshafts. Additionally we had to repair a rusted sill and rebuild the Hitachi carburettors. Finally, for this Datsun rally preparation, the engine was tuned on our rolling road.

Datsun 240Z historic endurance rally car preparation Datsun 240Z historic endurance rally car preparation

Triumph TR4 ready for Goodwood’s 76th Members Meeting

Dave Griffith’s FIA Triumph TR4 is ready to head down to Goodwood today for this weekends GRRC 76th Members Meeting. This winter we built a new engine with a significant jump in power between 4000rpm and 7000rpm. We’ve had two successful test sessions leading up to this event and now it is time to load up head down. The expectation is for a mini ice age this weekend so fingers crossed there’s not too much snow. See you there.

Preparation for Silverstone Classic

This week we are busy in preparation for one of the biggest events on the historic motorsport calendar the Silverstone Classic. At this years event we will be running four vehicles. In the Pre-66 touring car race we will have a pair of BMW 1800TI’s with Stuart Patterson & Paul Bartley in one and Tim Abbott & Oli Webb in the other. For the RAC Woodcote Trophy we will be looking after Joao Mira-Gomes in the Jaguar XK140 and finally for the Guards Trophy race we will be looking after Dave Griffiths in the black and red Triumph TR4.

Patterson:Bartley FIA BMW 1800ti race car Tim Abbott BMW 1800ti GoodwoodJoao Mira-Gomes Jaguar XK140 Brands Hatch Griffiths Triumph TR4 Goodwood chicane

Four cars prepped for weekend racing

We’ve been busy prepping four cars for this weekends racing. Ian Burford will be heading to Brands Hatch with the HSCC in his Lenham Le Mans whilst Shaun Rainford will be driving Ian’s Sprite “Lumbertubs” with the HRDC at Snetterton. Larry Tucker and Dave Griffiths will also be attending the HRDC Snetterton race with the Ashley Midget and Standard Vanguard. Best of luck chaps.

Ian Burford Lenham race prep Larry Tucker Ashley race prep Dave Griffiths Vanguard race prep Lumbertubs race prep