Frogeye Sprite axle and engine recondition

Lindi Galloway has owned her Frogeye for over 40 years. It has been restored during that time and looks very presentable but lately the rear axle has been making some noise and engine has become somewhat incontinent. The axle was stripped and cleaned, the differential was rebuilt and the whole thing re-assembled with new oil seals and gaskets. The 948cc engine was removed and partially stripped. The bearings were checked and turned out to be in great condition. The engine was re-assembled with new gaskets and the front rubber sump seals from the 1275, part number TAM1171, on both the front and rear of the crank. These are far superior to the original cork items.

Frogeye Sprite Frogeye Sprite engine out Frogeye Sprite 948cc engine Frogeye Sprite 948cc engine in