FS keys – most numbers FOR SALE

We have a large range of old stock FS keys available. FS keys were used on a huge range of classic cars from Austin, Morris, MG, Triumph and more.

Most of them have some surface rust and some flaking of the nickel plating. We always send the best condition keys we have. Let us know what numbers you need and we can check our stock. Click here for our shop.

£3.00 + VAT each.

3 Replies to “FS keys – most numbers FOR SALE”

  1. Hi,
    Looking for keys FS943 and FS887.
    Can you help?

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi
    Just taken cubby lock off my old sunbeam (1966).It takes an FS key but not the one that came with the car (FS918). I can see stamped on the barrel either 886 or 988 (did they actually make an 988?). Either way can you supply keys 886 and 988 to Canada (Calgary, Alberta). If so what would be the total cost? How do you want payment (Paypal?)
    Simon S

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