Triumph Stag in for MOT repairs

A few issues came up on the MOT that required attention. We replaced both front wheel bearings, both upper ball joints and the steering column bushes. The new steering column bushes that were supplied were very poor quality so we sent them back and machined some bushes from nylatron.

Triumph Stag MOT repair Triumph Stag MOT repair 2

Mk1 Ford Lotus Cortina, clutch, brakes, service, MOT

This Mk1 Lotus Cortina is in for an MOT, a service and some other issues. The car does very few miles and most issues are related to that. The clutch master and slave cylinders need to be replaced and the brake calipers are getting rebuilt due to stuck pistons. There is an intermittent spark on cylinder 1 so new plugs, distributor cap, rotor arm and HT leads are also getting fitted.

Mk1 Lotus Cortina Mk1 Lotus Cortina service repair brakes clutch MOT

This week at CCK

A varied range of tasks in the workshop this week. The E-type is coming along beautifully and now has paint underneath, the top will be painted over the course of the week. Dave Griffith’s Vanguard is getting repaired after an off at Mallory Park, but is also getting a new engine, larger and more powerful ready to take on the competition next season. A fresh engine build for for a classic Mini as well as some fibreglass products for a BMW CSL Batmobile.

Volvo P1800S recommissioning

A P1800S arrived this week for recommissioning. It’s been off the road for a couple of years so will require a thorough going over before we take it for an MOT. Suspension and brakes will need some attention to bring this classic back to streets. Its great to see such an iconic design returning to regular use.