TR6 chassis repair

We had a Triumph TR6 come in with a drooping near side front suspension. The cause of the drop was due to the upper wishbone mount breaking away from the chassis. Once we got it apart it was apparent why. The polyurethane bushes that had been fitted to the upper wishbones were totally dry. No grease what so ever. The upper wishbone had seized leading to the eventual fatigue and fracturing of the chassis. We had to remake this part of the chassis from steel and weld it into place. The bushes on both sides were lubricated with rubber grease before the whole lot was put back together and the car could be put back on the road.

Lotus Elan coming together

The Lotus Elan is coming together. Following an engine fire and a body restoration, the engine is now in place with all ancillaries and the new wiring loom has been fitted. The new dashboard has yet to go in and there will no doubt be plenty of small jobs to finish it off.

Lotus Elan restoration twin cam Lotus Elan restoration

Fire damaged Sunbeam Tiger in for repair

This stunning example of an original Sunbeam Tiger recently had a small engine fire. Lucky the owner put it our before any real damage was done. The engine still has the come out so we can repair the paint work in the engine bay. The bonnet needs repainting and there will need to be some new brake lines and wiring.

Sunbeam Tiger Sunbeam Tiger engine bay

MGA restoration progress

The MGA restoration is pressing on. The right hand side of the car has been re-metaled now. It has had new sills, door posts and front and rear wings. The door frames were in excellent condition so new aluminum skins have been fitted. Currently working on the left hand side before repairs are made to the front shroud.

MGA restoration front wing rear wing door sills f sections MGA restoration front wing rear wing door sills f sections 2