Darren Turner to share Paul Bartley BMW 1800ti at Goodwood Revival

Aston Martin works driver and Le Mans winner Darren Turner will be partnering Paul Bartley in the BMW 1800ti in this years St. Mary’s Trophy race at Goodwood Revival. This will be the first appearance at revival for the ex-Martin Hines BMW but after last weeks test session things are looking good. We’ve got the gearbox out for a rebuild as well as the front dampers prior to the next test session on the 1st of September. We have a selection a spring rates to try out at the next test and a brand new set of the unobtainable Dunlop CR65 tyres for the race weekend.

Patterson:Bartley FIA BMW 1800ti race car Darren Turner Paul Bartley BMW 1800ti Goodwood Revival

Goodwood’s GRRC 72nd Members Meeting

This will be remembered as one of the best historic race meetings of recent years. Of course you wouldn’t expect anything less than the best from Goodwood and some of the success must be attributed to the weather but this event will be remembered for years to come. I heard many comment on the relaxed atmosphere as a breath of fresh air over the pomp and circumstance that is Goodwood Revival. The race of the weekend for us was so impressive in so many ways and somewhat unexpected. The Gerry Marshall Trophy for Group 1 saloons was loud and fast with some of the best race action we have ever seen on the circuit. The 15 minute race saw John Young in a Ford Capri starting from the pit lane and taking on the entire pack before a dramatic dice and heroic pass of Nick Swift’s Mini 1275 GT on the final lap to take 2nd place will not be forgotten. The Sears trophy went very well for all of our cars. Shaun in the MG1100 was hanging onto Gavin Watson in the Volvo 122S for most of the race exchanging gestures when side by side. Darren thoroughly enjoyed his time behind the wheel of his Mk1 Turner but retired the car in the late stages of the race when the temperature gauge went all the way around. I know we can’t wait till next year.

Sebring Sunbeam Alpine Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting Darren Turner Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting 2 MG1100 Volvo 122S Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting Volvo 122S Fiat 1500 Goodwood 72nd Members MeetingDarren Turner Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting Gerry Marshall Trophy Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting 2 Gerry Marshall Trophy Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting Camaro Goodwood 72nd Members MeetingJohn Young Ford Capri Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting Swiftune Minis Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting Turbo F1 Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting Turner Dino 246 Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting

Darren Turner tests the Turner Mk1 ahead of Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting

Today we are at Goodwood Motor Circuit in the heart of Sussex with racing driver Darren Turner. Darren is getting some laps in around the circuit ahead of the much anticipated 72nd Members Meeting. Darren, who owns the car personally, has been invited to take part in the Tony Gaze trophy. Over the past couple months we’ve prepped the car and are very much looking forward to taking part.

Darren Turner and Shaun Rainford in the Goodwood paddock Darren Turner testing for Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting 2 Darren Turner testing for Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting 3 Darren Turner testing for Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting

Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting

The 29th and 30th of March 2014 will see a brand new event at Goodwood. 71 Members Meeting were held at Goodwood during the 50’s and 60’s with this new event continuing where they left off. There will be 2 full days of the quality historic racing we expect to see at Goodwood. Here at CCK we have been busy in preparation with 5 cars on the invite list. The Turner Mk1 of Aston Martin driving ace Darren Turner will be taking part in the Tony Gaze Trophy for pre-1960 Sports and GT cars. We have completed a general race prep with the fitment of a Tillett racing seat and FIA rain light, rebuilt the straight cut gearbox and fitted a hotter camshaft to the 998cc engine. The ex-NART Sunbeam Alpine Harrington of Guy Harman will be competing in the Moss Trophy Race for GT cars that raced between 1958 and ’62. The restoration of the Harrington was recently completed here at CCK and included a new full race 1600cc engine. Guy will be sharing the drive with ex-F1 driver Rupert Keegan. The final race we will be taking part in will be the Sears Trophy for Saloon cars that raced between 1958 and ’63. Guy Harman’s second drive for the weekend is his unique Abarth Fiat 1500 with our all new race engine. The final 2 entries are both CCK owned cars. The first is our trusted MG 1100 which will be piloted by our own Shaun Rainford and the second car is our recently completed Volvo 122S which will be driven by our good friend Gavin Watson. If you are coming down please do stop by and say hello.

Turner's Turner ready at CCK Sebring Fiat Abarth 1500S Goodwood 4 John Rhodes in our MG1100

Darren Turner’s Turner Mk1 in preparation for Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting

Darren Turner has been invited to race his Turner Mk1 in the Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting. He will be taking part in the Tony Gaze Trophy but before then the little sports car needs some preparation. A new front brake setup has been fitted and we’ve got a Tillett racing seat to go in. The drivers compartment is not very spacious and the Tillett seats are very compact as well as being safe and comfortable.

Turner's Turner ready at CCK Turner brakes Turner Mk1 badge Turner at Goodwood 1963