MSA announces Closed Road Campaign is back on track

The MSA has announced that its closed road campaign is back on track. The government is set to launch a public consultation in the next month. The consultation was put on hold for over a year as government resources were redirected to the HS2 project. Once the government consultation is under way the MSA will circulate guidance to all members on how they can respond. The MSA are looking for examples of local authorities who would be interested in taking advantage of the proposed legislation. Fingers crossed for a good response as a move like this could help to restore grass roots motorsport in the UK.

WSM at the start of the Firle Hill Climb Pip Pulliblank in Marwyn1 Bodiam Hill Climb Firle Hill Climb Autosport

Motorsport in the South East of England

The South East has always had a rich motorsport history. From Goodwood to Brands Hatch with a plethora a sprints, hill climbs and rallies in between. The Brighton Speed Trials are regarded as one of if not the longest running motorsport event, the first race being held in 1905. Brighton has played host to many a great racing driver over the years including Stirling Moss and John Cooper. Just up the road the Lewes Speed Trials were held between 1925 and 1939 and saw names such as Sydney Allard and Rob Walker racing across the South Downs. Denis Jenkinson saw his first race at Lewes in 1936 and was hooked. The Firle Hill Climb is little known now but saw some fantastic racing in its day. I have assembled a few period photos here from Brands Hatch, Lewes, Brighton and Firle.