250-2V cylinder head fitted to Ford Falcon

We’ve now finished the 250-2V cylinder head and fitted it to the Ford Falcon. The head has been fully ported and polished with big valves, competition double valve springs and exhaust port divider. The head was skimmed to get the compression ratio before being fitted. Next step is manifold fabrication for twin 2″ SU carbs.

Ford Falcon 250-2V cylinder head 2 Ford Falcon 250-2V cylinder head

1950cc MGB race engine rebuild

After the aluminium flywheel sheered at the last race meeting Sam Polley thought it best to get the engine checked out. Its been a long time since it was rebuilt so thought it prudent to do so now. Once inside we found the engine to be in fine order. We’ve made a camshaft change and had the crank assembly balanced with a new steel flywheel and clutch. The block has been acid cleaned and repainted and is going back together with new shells, rings and head fixings. Once back in the car Sam will be bringing it down to go on the rolling road.

1950cc MGB race engine rebuild 1950cc MGB race engine rebuild 2

New water pump for Simon Polley’s Midget 1500 racer

After finding the engine bay covered in coolant after his last race Simon Polley thought he best get the engine looked at. With an initial fear of a head gasket issue Simon was pleased to hear that issue was a leak from the water pump and housing. A new pump and some gaskets and all is dry. Simon is racing his Midget 1500 in the CSCC Swinging Sixties race series.

“Just wanted to thank you and let you know that my Midget ran beautifully at Brands this week end. On the pace and no leaks! I won my class though have to say that this was ‘last man standing’ due to others crashing out and breaking down but as they say ‘to finish first, first you have to finish’ and given my recent engine problems I think I deserve an award!”

SImon Polley MG Midget 1500 2 SImon Polley MG Midget 1500

Triumph TR2 Historic Race Engine

We’ve just completed a Triumph TR2 historic race engine. The original block was stripped down and acid dipped. A new set of 83mm liners were sourced along with a custom made set of forged aluminium racing pistons with a custom intruder on the top. The compression ratio is a little over 11:1. The bottom end is all steel and balanced to within 0.5 grams. The cylinder head is one of our own which is flowed and ported with bigger valves, bronze guides and competition double valve springs. We’ve fitted a 320 degree camshaft. We will see what power it makes on the rolling road once the engine goes in the car. If you wish to discuss a historic race engine please email.

tr2 historic race engine tr2 historic race engine tr2 historic race engine tr2 historic race engine