Busy week. Alfa Romeo 2000GTV, Fiat 500, MGB

A busy week at CCK. We got back from Silverstone last weekend to face a busy week in the workshop. Tim Dallas’ lovely Alfa Romeo 2000GTV was booked in for check over and MOT prior to its UK registration. A Fiat 500 came in with running issue that causes it to cut out after a mile or two and Mark Weaver’s MGB was in for a brake and suspension service prior to some summer track days. Bring on next week.

MGB Fiat 500 Alfa Romeo 2000GTV Alfa Romeo 2000GTV 2

MGB GT on the rollers

Mark Gessey from Horam Classic Restorations brought this MGB GT down for a rolling road setup. The car was finished 1 year ago and now that the engine has been run in it can be properly setup on the rollers. A fresh set of needles expertly filed by Graham found an extra 12bhp at the wheels.