The Turner’s Turner

James Turner and Darren Turner have just acquired a rare and interesting historic racer. A 1959 Mk1 Turner BMC 950. The Turner & Turner Turner has period race history at all the major UK circuits including Goodwood. It features finned drum brakes at the front for slowing down and a 948cc A-series engine for speeding up. The bodywork is fibreglass making the whole car very light. There is plenty of fun to be had. The car needs a little refresh and some detailing but will soon be appearing at a motor circuit near you. Best of luck chaps!

Turners Turner BMC 950 Mk1Turners Turner BMC 950 Mk1Turners Turner BMC 950 Mk1Turners Turner BMC 950 Mk1

5 Replies to “The Turner’s Turner”

  1. As previous owner, I’m very happy of the Turner’s Turner project ! Have a lot of fun …

  2. Hi,Great to see another Turner returning to the race
    tracks.Just wondered why if it is a 1959 car it appears to be wearing a Mk2 body?
    Cheers Andy

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