Austin 7 Special – Historic 750 Formula

We love specials, especially the Austin 7’s. This one has recently been completed and came in for a session on the rolling road. The car has been built from scratch using an Austin 7 chassis and running gear. It’s obviously been heavy modified and features unique steel body work and an early Reliant engine, sometimes with a blower.

Crossle Formula Ford rolling road tune

We had a nicely prepared Crossle historic Formula Ford in for a tune this week. Richard Yeoman and his Daughter have been hitting the UK Hill Climb’s with it and are now trying their hand at circuit racing. Formula Ford is very restrictive so every little counts. There are no huge power increases to be found but a little fine tuning can find an extra 4 or 5bhp.

Elden-BMW F3 car on the rollers

We had a very interesting Elden-BMW Formula 3 car in last week. Powered by a BMW M10 engine with slide throttle, Kugelfischer fuel injection. The car has recently been restored and looks immaculate. Will look forward to seeing this out on track later this season.