CCK supports Julian Balme’s return to Historic Road Sports

Designer, writer and petrol head Julian Balme first started racing 30 years ago in Historic Road Sports. Now Julian can usually be found behind the wheel of his 1954 Lincoln Cosmopolitan “Wooly Bully” but he is about to take a leap back into Historic Road Sports with a borrowed Marcos 1600. The reason for this is for Julian to return to his racing routes and to write a big feature for Classic and Sports Car Magazine on the Historic Road Sports Championship including tips for those starting out in historic racing. The car has been kindly loaned by Bob Pomeroy and will be prepared and supported by CCK at the next 3 HSCC race meetings. The car may not be shiny but it is solid and well built. Owner Bob Pomeroy has a long history of racing, even our own Shaun Rainford spannered for Bob when he ran a TR3 in the Birkett 6 hour Relay back in the early 80’s. First race for Julian will be with HSCC at Silverstone on May 16th and 17th.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Julian Balme Bob Pomery Marcos 1600 HSCC HRS Julian Balme Bob Pomery Marcos 1600 CCK Historic race preparation Julian Balme Bob Pomery Marcos 1600 HSCC