Fiat Abarth 1500 on the rolling road

The Fiat is almost ready for it’s Revival debut. The new engine is in along with twin Weber carbs, bespoke intake and exhaust manifolds have been fitted as well as an LSD and bespoke competition half shafts. Today we will get the new engine tuned up and run in before we go testing. Guy Harman will be sharing the drive with Rupert Keegan.

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  1. Hello and greetings from Finland!

    I really like the stage of your project, good work! I have a 1964 Fiat Milletrecento, that has run only 27.000 km from new and a very good body for the base of restoration. I bought the car from it’s first owners after their garage had collapsed over the Fiat from heavy snowload during a record-braking winter a few years ago. Since then, I have collected a lot of parts and a ’66 1500 parts donor for the project. As my plan for the car is eventually build it as a club racer, I have sourced an another rusty heap locally with an genuine Siata 1500TS engine waiting to be saved.

    I would like to hear more technical details of your car and hints where to find parts for the 116-series Fiats. Are you using original brakes?

    Here in Finland, it is still rather easy to find polish FSO 1500 and 125 Pick-Up parts, which had the same suspension and technical parts as 1300 and 1500.

    Best wishes,

    Antti Korhonen
    a active member of Club Alfa Romeo Finland (CARF) and Gruppo Fiat Finlandia

  2. You can see from the neater tail lights that this car has aswell started it’s life as a 1300. 1500 models had bigger, square-formed tail lights, which were perhaps uglier. This car also has the shorter body, which was changed to about 10 cm longer in 1966 with the 1500C model.

    Do you use transmission and differential from the 1500 Spider? What has been done to the suspension?

    Can you help me, where to find FIA homologation documents for the 116/116c 1300 and 1500 models, as well as for the 1500 TS (Siata or NSU) and 1500 Abarth?

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