Rover P6 2000 on the rollers

Martin Blum brought his beautifully presented P6 in for a tune today. The 2000cc engine has been fitted with the larger 2″ SU carburettors from the 2.2 and needed setting up. Re-profiling of the needles found an additional 15bhp at the wheels.

3 Replies to “Rover P6 2000 on the rollers”

  1. Daniel, You have been misinformed re the carbs. The 2 litre twin carb (TC) had 2″ carbs as standard. The 2.2 litre had 1.75″ carbs. The 2 litre didn’t need 2″ ones, but the damping on the 1.75″ ones wasn’t man enough to prevent the pistons from pulsing themselves closed. By the time the 2.2litre came out, the 1.75″ damping had been improved so they used those. I was told this by Jack Swaine the Rover development engineer who designed the engine.

    1. Actually the engine is the 2200tc and the carbs are the larger ones off its original 2000 in order to keep the existing linkage. Confusing I know.

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