Jaguar XK140 engine out

Since returning from Silverstone classic we removed the sump to check what has happened to the XK140. It is evident that the bottom end bearings had suffered so the decision was made to pull the engine for further inspection and unfortunately, a rebuild.

Joao Mira-Gomes Jaguar XK 140 Silverstone Classic CCK Historic Mira Gomes XK140 Mira Gomes XK140 2 Jaguar XK140 engine

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We offer a full engine building service here at CCK. Whether it be a completely standard unit, a mildly tuned road engine or an all out race or rally motor. We can offer advice on modifications such as cylinder heads, carburettors, compression ratios, manifolds, headers and camshafts. We have an in house machine shop if your block needs decking or you need to skim your cylinder head. We can also wedge and blade your crankshaft. When your new engine has run in you can of course bring it back in for tuning on our rolling road. Our engines can be seen in action in many historic racing cars around the UK. Please call to discuss your requirements.